“How to Make 3–6 Times Your Hourly Rate, Have
MORE Coaching Clients, and
Make Over SIX
While Working Only 3 Days a Week!”

Learn how to use a new coaching format to quickly catapult your earnings
way beyond six figures, increase your credibility, build your reputation
as an expert, and still work fewer hours than your fellow coaches.


Dear Optimistic Coach,

I bet you can relate to my story. All my life I've hungered to make a difference in the world. When I first discovered coaching I was ecstatic because it was the “perfect” vehicle to change lives for the better and make a great living!

The sad truth about building a “dream practice”

I jumped into coach training and got started. I still remember I could barely believe it when my first client said “yes” (and then continued to coach with me for 8 years!) It felt quite awkward at first to get paid to coach my first few clients. But my confidence grew along with my experience and the size of my coaching roster.

My clients adored me, although to be honest, I often wished I had more.  And – just as I thought I would – I truly loved coaching. I WAS making a difference! And with each new client I was becoming more successful. I was now a “real coach” –with a full time practice and earning my living by doing what I loved!

Unfortunately, I know for many coaches things often don't end this way. Many treat coaching only as a hobby, work at it part time, and despite their best efforts can't build a full practice.

In a moment I'll show you a shortcut you can use to get to the “full time successful coach” status, but first let me finish my story...

Even successful coaches often end up burned out and
tired of working long hours coaching their clients

As I became more successful as a coach I discovered having a full practice had its drawbacks!

First, even though I was now earning a respectable income for my hard work, it wasn't as much as I wanted to make!

I had lingering debt from coach training and the lean early months. So I wasn't saving any money most months. This definitely didn't fit the part of my vision to build my wealth as a coach. To me, a decent coaching income meant six figures or more, and that wasn't my reality. Quite frankly, I knew I deserved more.

And keeping my practice full was a bit like a roller–coaster ride; every time I finally had the perfect number of clients, one or more of them decided to “complete” the coaching relationship.

It seemed that just when I was getting ready to put some money away some clients moved on and... POOF... The hit to my monthly income was like Mike Tyson's left hook – leaving me with another dent in my financial plan.

But there is a flipside to this...

Having a full practice can be a never ending treadmill!

Because when I had a full roster, I barely had time to breathe and my self–care practices went by the wayside. After coaching for six or eight hours each day, I had very little energy left to pursue my dreams of writing a book, creating a CD product, hosting a workshop, or preparing and presenting a powerful speech.

As happy as I thought I would be with a full practice, it felt like a never–ending treadmill. 

I needed to find a way to make more than my $85,000
a year income and I wanted to work less – a lot less!

For several years, I was earning between $77,000 and $85,000 a year. Not bad, but nothing to get rich on. I was also carrying credit card debt and coaching school debt, and wasn't saving any money at all.  Then I became engaged to be married.

I really didn't want to bring any debt to my marriage (and neither did my husband–to–be!)  Plus, there were mounting expenses for our pending wedding.

I was sick and tired of constantly being behind the eight–ball, even though by most people's standards I was a very successful coach.

At the time, I was coaching millionaires, even a couple of billionaires, and I wanted more financial success for myself!

I was ready to try something different... and I needed results quickly!

But I learned that not all ways to grow a
coaching business are equally effective

Of course, one potential solution is to work harder and harder, putting in more hours and burning the candle at both ends. I've tried it. And if you've ever tried it, you already know – it's exhausting and it really doesn't work long term.

I wrote my book, The Power of Inner Choice, but – and you probably already know this too – there is very little money in just being an author and selling the book itself.

Maybe you thought about leading workshops. But that requires finding a venue and filling the seats – time and again – and that takes a lot of effort!

Or you can start creating and selling your own information products. It's a great solution but the learning curve is huge and it takes awhile before the money starts rolling in.

The perfect business model to make BIG MONEY as a
coach while working only two or three days a week. . . 

As I tried and evaluated different ways to grow my coaching business beyond six figures, I began to describe for myself what my perfect coaching business would look like.

  • I wanted more financial success. To me, it meant consistently making six figures without struggling to find new clients or worrying about clients who complete their coaching and move on.
  • I wanted to be able to get started quickly and get results fast without a huge learning curve.
  • I wanted to impact more people and grow my reputation as an expert coach, but without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by 10–hour coaching days.
  • I wanted to have more than one way to help my clients – especially those who couldn't afford my coaching fees, and wanted more than just a home–study course!
  • I wanted to find a solution I could implement with taking little or no risk in case “it didn't work” and I wanted to find someone who could show me exactly what I need to do and mentor me step-by--step...

How I finally went from my “ho–hum” income to
well beyond $100K with ONE simple strategy. . .

Surprisingly, the solution was right in front of me – I just didn't see it.

My long–time, weekly mastermind partner, Eva Gregory, was raving about the success she had with her “Leading Edge Living” year–long coaching program.

I remember being quite skeptical when she launched it. But, each week, I'd hear first–hand, how it was evolving. By the time the pressure was mounting in my financial world, Eva had mastered the system!

She had 10 groups going simultaneously, was having an absolute blast leading them, and was making a very, very healthy income!  People were flocking to her program like bees to honey!

Here is the “secret key” to my instant success...

I remember sitting in a seminar room once, listening to a speaker repeating over and over again for several minutes: “Don't reinvent the wheel!  Don't reinvent the wheel! Don't reinvent the wheel!”

It sounds like simple common sense advice, right? But, the fact is, I wasn't following it! With trying different methods on my own, I was reinventing the wheel instead of following a model already tested and proven by Eva! And my “trial and effort” approach was costing me a fortune!

Finally, in December 2005, I realized that if this system worked for Eva, it will most likely work for me. I asked Eva to mentor me. She agreed!

She told me the exact steps to take to launch my own year–long program. I listened and implemented everything she told me to do. I announced my first year–long group coaching program, The Success and Inner Peace Boot Camp, in January of 2006 and launched my first two groups in February and March while preparing for my wedding!

After my wedding and returning from my honeymoon, I proceeded to launch two MORE profitable groups in August and September 2006. 

It was exhilarating to lead these four amazing groups! I learned a ton. And more importantly, my program participants raved about their resulting experiences.

I've since lead a total of ten different groups, affecting well over a hundred people, while continuing my full coaching practice.

This strategy was so powerful I went from $30K
in debt to $20K in savings in just 9 months!  

It was also a joyous relief to see my debt dwindle as over $30,000 was paid off earlier than expected.  POOF...debt gone! And on top of that, I easily paid my half of the wedding expenses...about $15,000, including a honeymoon to Belize. 

By the end of the year, I had actually saved $20,000 and started the next year with an aggressive savings plan which continues today.

In fact, Eva and I are now finally ready to show others the same exact system to running group coaching programs that have been making us hundreds of thousands of dollars for the past five years (for Eva) and three years (for me!)

But, first I want to share with you another “key success lesson” ...

How Eva “accidentally” became an expert
in hosting group coaching programs. . .

I'm going to let Eva tell you her story herself...  Here she is:

“Like Mary, I had been earning a decent income from my coaching for a few years and was looking for a way to take my coaching business to the next level of financial success.

Although I'd already lead several coaching groups with a partner, and had been repeatedly declaring my passion for group work for some time, I still didn't feel quite ready to get started.

Over and over, I thought to myself how much I'd love to develop and create group programs of my own to run. And I had clients asking me to consider running a coaching group that lasted longer than the six or twelve week programs I'd done in the past.

Still, I wasn't acting on it. Until life threw a curveball at me and...

I had to leap before I felt ready!

My life partner, Robin, came home one day to announce the lucrative three–year contract he'd had with a local software company had been axed without warning.

Our lifestyle required both our incomes, so this abrupt change was the “kick” I needed to get my rear in gear to close the financial gap we were now facing.

Sure, the circumstances weren't ideal. I didn't feel quite ready. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to commit to a full 12–month program. So I began slowly. I ran my first Success Program that year to see how I liked it. It was fabulous! The year flew by! My participants were amazing! I was hooked.

And starting my program the way I did – leaping before I was ready – taught me an important lesson about success:

Had I waited until I was “ready,” I wouldn't be where I am today!

The following year, I started a new group almost every month. It became my most popular program. Before long, folks were coming to me asking me if I'd consider starting a year–long program for their group. They were coming to ME.

And it changed my life!

When Mary asked me how I did it, I was ready and eager to share everything I'd learned along the way. It was exhilarating to watch her grow and flourish in her own group programs! And together we figured out and tested more ways to improve our “group coaching system.”

So when she came to me with the idea to teach other coaches our methods, and described how we could lead a program together and help other coaches break through the six–figure barrier once and for all... I was on it like white on rice!”

This is Mary again. So now that you know the full story, we are finally ready to share with you how you can profit from using our system...

Introducing the first ever step–by–step training for
coaches who want to
their own lucrative group coaching programs

If leading group coaching programs were as simple as some might think, every coach in the world would already be doing it! But it's not.

And knowing how to structure and promote your programs the right way can make the difference between making six figures and going broke!

Until now, there hasn't been a comprehensive training to show coaches exactly how to launch and lead their own coaching groups.

That's where our “Beyond Six Figures” certification program comes in!

With our unique approach combining training, coaching, apprenticeship, and masterminding we will help you install our profitable and effective model in your own coaching business over the next six months. And, upon successful completion, you'll be recognized as a Certified Group Coaching Leader™.

Our goal is for YOU to go beyond six figures
starting NOW
, not sometime next year!

We shared with you our success so you can be assured we know what we are talking about when it comes to growing a coaching business by launching and leading coaching groups. But our commitment is to have YOU leading your own groups as soon as possible!

Leading group programs is the natural evolution of every successful coach. In fact, every 7–figure coach we know contributes his or her success to discovering this “secret.” And now you can finally put this powerful model to use in your coaching practice.

And in the same time that it takes to service just ONE client, you can be leading and supporting twenty clients or more! So you can be making 5 or 10 times more than your regular coaching rates while working a lot fewer hours!

And the best way to learn is to leap. We'll provide you with the net – and we'll have your back every step along the way. This is what Eva did for me when I launched my first group. And now Eva and I will BOTH do this for you. 

We'll show you everything you need to know. You will discover exactly how to:

  • identify the topic and theme for your program,
  • select your perfect group of clients to promote to,
  • create your marketing approach and fill the group.

Nothing is left to chance. We'll be there every step of the way offering suggestions and tips at every turn so that you never have to worry about making mistakes or not knowing what to do next.

“I just felt better about who I am and what I am doing in my business.”

Lisa Dennys

Lisa Dennys, IntegratedWellnessInt.com


“I now have an online presence. This program has helped me brand myself.”

Anne Nayer

Anne Nayer, LifeCoachParadise.com


And if you still have doubts that leading group coaching programs is your next step, take a look at these facts...

There are 3 BIG REASONS WHY most
coaches aren't offering group programs

Leading group coaching programs isn't a new idea. Chances are you've heard of this before. You might have even seriously considered it in the past, but something stopped you from getting started.

And you might be asking, “If this is such a great thing to do, why aren't there more coaches doing it?” Here are the 3 big reasons why:

  • Most coaches don't think they're “ready”! 
  • They don't have the marketing skills to fill their programs.
  • They don't believe they have the skills to lead groups.

As sad as it is, most coaches will just choose the safer road and keep doing what they've always done – even if it costs them their success!

We hope that's NOT you! 

It's natural to be hesitant when doing something new. But successful people learn how to act in spite of such “fear”.

Frankly, I was terrified at the idea of leading groups at first. I thought it would be more difficult. I was afraid of making embarrassing mistakes in front of an entire group. And I wasn't sure how I would be able to hold attention of an entire group and keep everyone involved and satisfied.

But once I got started, and especially after learning a few “tricks of the trade” from Eva, I quickly realized just how easy, fun, rewarding, and profitable it was to work with a group of clients all at once!

Consider these 7 undisputable FACTS why every coach
should be leading their own group coaching programs

I'm convinced once you experience how rewarding leading coaching groups really is, you will fall in love with it! I now realize getting started with my own groups was one of the BEST things I've done for my business and myself. 

Here are seven big facts why it is so:


Offering Group Coaching Programs establishes you as an expert in your area of focus.

It becomes assumed, if you're leading groups you MUST have something important to say. Boosting your credibility is a wonderful benefit. This means you'll be getting more invitations to speak, do media appearances, and become more visible in your niche.


You'll be helping more clients, and as you do, you will exponentially grow your skills as a coach and expert. 

As any coach who works with a larger number of people, it's the perfect structure to challenge the best from you. I've grown and strengthened my skills and expertise because I've worked with LOTS of real people.


Your confidence will soar as your participants appreciate and acknowledge your brilliance as a coach.

There is something about the group setting which encourages lots of feedback. You will get validation beyond belief.  We personally love this one.  Eva was even voted International Coach of the Year due to all the people she impacted worldwide.


Your one–on–one coaching practice will grow too (if you want it to)! 

By witnessing you in a group setting, your clients' confidence in you skyrockets.  About 25% of my group coaching clients hire me for one–on–one work.  And, some clients will decide they just want one–on–one, as you market your group programs.


Your income will become more stable and PROFITABLE.

Leading groups offers security, especially when you're leading six–month and year–long programs. Clients may come and go, but groups commit to a designated period of time up front.  This gives you additional peace of mind, financially.


All SEVEN FIGURE coaches run group coaching programs. 

You've probably heard of these famous coaches:  Jack Canfield of Chicken Soul for the Soul fame;  Marc Allen, founder of New World Library and publisher of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now and A New Earth; and Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale featured in The Secret.  They ALL offer group coaching programs!


Group Coaching offers exponential VALUE to clients you simply can't deliver as a solo coach. 

In addition to having your support, they benefit exponentially through the group interactions in countless ways.  I've seen numerous life–long friendships born via group coaching programs.  Participants also benefit as they witness you coaching others.  It's a win–win for you and your clients. And, if you design your programs as we have, your clients will inspire and empower other participants in ways you could never do running a business solo. 


“Group coaching programs have
built the foundation of my business”

Barnes"Group coaching programs have built the foundation of my business –– not just because they've generated dependable sales but because they are an affordable 'entry point' for those who then move on to do one–on–one coaching with me. I'm so glad that someone is finally teaching coaches how to really get started and make this powerful tool profitable. Group programs rock!"

Suzanne Falter–Barns, Platform Building Expert, www.getknownnow.com

“I've probably made half a million dollars
from group coaching alone
in less than a year!”

Vitale“Group coaching is a terrific service for people who can't afford individual coaching (yet) and a quick–start money maker. I've probably made half a million dollars from group coaching alone in less than a year. And of course, many people in the group coaching go on and enter private coaching. It's a beautiful win–win–win for all.”
Dr. Joe Vitale, superstar of the movie The Secret, aka Mr. Fire www.mrfire.com


“Do the math... if you can work with
150 clients at a time at about
$2500/client that's $375,000!”

Port"It's important to design the model of your business at the earliest possible moment. And if group delivery is not part of that model, you may be missing out on the single most effective and profitable way to serve your clients. Do the math... if you can work with 150 clients at a time at about $2500/client that's $375,000. Now think about running three groups at a time. Do that math.... (yeah, it's over a million.) We'll show you how."

Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid & Beyond Booked Solid


How much money can you make running just
a handful of coaching programs each year?

While we can't promise you specific income results, let's do some math together so you can see for yourself how much money you could make from hosting group coaching programs. 

Depending on the topic, group coaching programs (GCP) command tuitions of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Programs range from just a few sessions to a year long.

Let's look at the most conservative model.  Let's say you're like us when we started out. You host a year–long program charging $99/month for participants, or $1200 per year. 

Because you don't want to work too hard, you may want to host just three programs per year. And let's say you are not the best marketer, so your programs only have an average of 12 participants.

Let's add this up: 12 participants times 3 programs times $99/month for 12 months... That's $42,768!  How about we up the ante just a bit...

How about $53,460 for working only 2 days a week!

If you do just a little better in your marketing and get 15 participants per group, that's $53,460! 

And if you do nothing else but devote one day a week to marketing your program and one day a week to delivering it – that's $53,460 for working only two days a week! I don't know about you, but that's not too shabby in anyone's book!

And this doesn't even include the additional money you can make from students who will want individual coaching.

Plus, in most cases, you will want to work more than 2 days a week. Remember, Eva was leading 10 groups at a time!  And, once you learn our marketing strategies, a class of 20 is very doable, that's about $24,000 for ONE group or $240,000 for 10 groups!

And this is a very low $99/month coaching fee. If you can charge a higher fee, your profits can be even bigger!

Now that you see what's possible, how many groups do you see yourself leading in the next 12 months? Will you start with three? Or will you want to go for more and aim for five or even 10?

Whatever your goal, Beyond Six Figures group coaching program training will provide you with all the know–how you need to pull this off. All you need to do is follow our instructions – just like I did when Eva helped me start my first group!

“We recently grossed $18,000 with
a 4–session mentoring program”

Squad"As The Blog Squad", we recently grossed $18,000 with a 4–session mentoring program. Now that may seem like easy money: $18,000 for 6 hours of group coaching calls. But there's much more to it than that, behind the scenes and in preparation long before registration was open.

We're good coaches, and we help a lot of people, but we wouldn't be able to provide those services without knowing how to create, promote, market and run an event. If you want to make a great living providing helpful services to others, then you've got to learn the nuts and bolts of everything involved in Group Coaching. There are no better people to turn to for that than Eva Gregory and Mary Allen."

Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman aka The Blog Squad www.BlogSquad.biz


“Imagine making $25,000 a month for
one day of work – and that's what I make
from just one of my programs.”

Urbanski"When I evaluate marketing strategies, I look for two things – opportunity to create a profit explosion (making lots of money fast) and potential for scalability (ability to grow my business that's not based on trading hours for dollars.) That's why my business is almost exclusively based on running different levels of coaching groups.

Imagine making $25,000 a month for one day of work – and that's what I make from just one of my programs. It's about time someone created a program to show others – in detail – how the big money in the coaching business is made. Every coach who is serious about creating wealth for themselves and helping a lot of people in the process should immediately take this program!"

Adam Urbanski, the Marketing Mentor, www.themarketingmentors.com


So what exactly will you get with the Beyond Six Figures
Group Coaching Program Training ?

Here's what's included if you're accepted into our “apprentice” program:

  • Six months of hands–on training, coaching, support and accountability from two top–notch coaches and a mastermind of your peers.
  • Ample time to learn and launch your first group as Eva and I teach you everything you need to know in easy to implement chunks and give you specific action steps to implement between each coaching session.
  • Easy access to each coaching session by phone from the comfort of your own home or office. No airline tickets. No travel. No hassle.  
  • Lifetime access to all training materials. All calls are recorded for easy access and download, so you can listen and re–listen anytime you want, as many times as you want.
  • A proven, step–by–step blueprint for going beyond six figures.
  • Increased confidence and credibility with our elite CERTIFICATION. That's right, as you complete our comprehensive training program and catapult your income, you may also earn the designation of Certified Group Coaching Leader™
Beyond Six Figures Beyond Six Figures Beyond Six Figures

With Beyond Six Figures for Coaching, you will receive the intimate support of TWO master coaches who have been through the trenches and are ready to go through the trenches with you.

If accepted, here are a few of the shortcuts you'll discover:

  • How to find the perfect theme that you're not only passionate about, but will also attract clients like crazy.
  • How to build your private list to 1000 in 90 days. We'll show you exactly what steps to take.
  • How to fill a group coaching program when starting from scratch.
  • THREE different models for Group Coaching Programs. Each one can be very profitable. We'll go into the most detail with our favorite model.
  • Developing a powerful marketing psychology to move beyond fears as you own your gifts as a leader and empower others to live their dreams.
  • The exact steps to build your IDEAL potential client list for long–lasting sustainability. It's actually easier than you think. Unfortunately, only a few coaches are implementing these strategies, even though every coach ought to be.
  • How to create magnetic marketing materials that speak to the hearts, minds and souls of your clients and draw them irresistibly to your program.  (In our recent survey, “marketing” was the #1 topic coaches want to master when it comes to group coaching programs, and we enlisted extra help to make sure you know exactly how to fill your new group programs!)
  • How to make it EASY for potential clients to say “yes” to your program.  Enrolling clients from an attraction–approach versus a sales approach.  Again, this is easier than you may think.
  • Everything you need to know about the enrollment process.
    We'll share with you our unique processes to help you convert “interested eyeballs” into paying group coaching clients.
  • How to set up a structured system to support dozens of people in only a fraction of the time it takes you to support a single client right now.
  • How to build the program content from week to week or month to month to be cohesive and serve the group.
  • 5 specific tactics on how to facilitate groups to offer amazing value to many participants at once. This is very important to keeping your participants happy and your business growing!
  • Three strategies for keeping your clients inspired and motivated between the calls so they get the results they want and become your life–long raving fans.
  • All the nuts and bolts of logistics, technology, teleclass protocol, deciding on the structure for your program and how to price your program for maximum participation and PROFIT.
  • A fail–safe blueprint for leading group calls. It works every time regardless of your area of specialty. You'll get a step–by–step template how to open each call with an attention grabbing bang, keeping your participants engaged all the time, and making each call memorable with a powerful wrap–up.  
  • Essential skills to maximize learning, value and impact, while keeping your audience engaged and giving you the confidence to shine in any situation.
  • How to avoid the 7 biggest and most costly mistakes coaches make in launching and leading group programs.
  • How to save time, money and effort with our 80/20 Rule. You will know exactly which vital few elements you need to pay attention to that make all the difference in developing a six–figure practice with groups.
  • How to handle even the most difficult and challenging situations with ease, grace and confidence. Better yet, how to minimize and prevent problems before they happen.
  • Plenty of time for ALL your personal questions to be fully answered.
  • And much, much more!

Here's what coaches are saying about their experience:

“I increased my income by $1,600 a month just by adding one coaching group!”

Elizabeth Barbour

Elizabeth Barbour, ElizabethBarbour.com


“I have grown my ezine list tenfold,
from 250 to 2,600!”

Cheryl Van Note

Kathy Nelson, OnTrackSuccessCoaching.com


“When everything is up and running... it will be a six-figure business.”

Cheryl Van Note

Cheryl Van Note, InspirationJava.com



But NOT everyone will qualify to learn our system
(not to be harsh)

As solid as our group coaching model is, we realize our training isn't for everyone.
That's why we are VERY selective about who we accept into this program. You can't just join because you've got the money to pay for your tuition! NO.

First, you must submit your application. After reviewing it, you'll be invited to a short strategy session with me or Eva.

It's important for us to have each person in this program experience success. If we don't feel you can really benefit from our training, we'll let you know so. It doesn't make you a bad person or a bad coach – it just means, for right now, we are not a good fit to work together in this program.

And I must tell you that while we are looking for certain skills in our candidates, it's your level of desire to help people and your hunger to take your business to the six figures (or higher) income that we are ultimately evaluating.

This being said, there are certain things that will disqualify you immediately. So if you think success magically happens overnight while you watch soap operas on TV, if you're too lazy to take focused action, and think you already know it all – please save us all the trouble and DO NOT apply!

We don't mean to be harsh, but no matter how much we WISH it were NOT true, the fact is there is no magic bullet to zipping over the six–figure barrier without breaking a sweat.  And we're looking for those who are ready to invest their time, effort, and a little bit of money to get to the next level of success in their coaching business.

Be leery of other programs that promise big results without the effort. So before you apply, ask yourself this:

Do you meet these 7 essential criteria to
be considered for our program?

Take a few minutes and evaluate these questions for yourself:

  • Do you love helping people? Maybe this goes without saying if you're an established coach.  If you love helping people, as we do, then your passion will provide a necessary source of energy for you as you're laying the foundation to take your business to the next level.  If you just want to make a quick buck, then you're not the best match for our program. 
  • Are you WILLING and ABLE to take massive ACTION. It's not enough to “think” yourself into a profitable business.  You're playing to win vs. playing “NOT to lose.”  You're committed to thriving, not just surviving in your coaching business.
  • Are you HUNGRY to go beyond six figures with coaching. This IS the single, most important factor we'll be evaluating in selecting candidates for this program.  As you read our stories, it was our HUNGER and PASSION that catapulted our businesses beyond six figures.  How hungry are YOU for more success?

These first three criteria are a MUST. But there are four more that – if you meet them – will set you up for a running start in our training. Here they are:

  • You are a trained coach. Both Eva and I have been coaching for ten years, and we are STILL learning. So while we have successful friends who haven't been trained as coaches and still run great coaching groups, we believe having foundational coaching training will be a huge asset to you when you take our program.
  • You have your own website.  If you have been coaching for awhile, having your own website tells us you're serious about your business. And we love helping coaches who are serious about their success!
  • You are building your list of contacts. We'll show you which strategies worked for us in creating our group programs and how to start building your own list of clients and subscribers. And while you don't need to have a list of 100,000 contacts, if you've been building your database, it will definitely give you a running start in launching your coaching programs.
  • You have a way to keep in touch with your clients, prospects, and subscribers. Do you publish an ezine, blog, send occasional tips or quotes to your subscribers?  Great.  Because if you're already establishing yourself as an expert and building trust and rapport with your subscribers, filling your first group program will be a breeze! 

“Selling individual coaching sessions is a
tough way to create a thriving practice”

Smith“Unless you're charging megabucks for your time (and most coaches are *way* undercharging), selling individual coaching sessions is a tough way to create a thriving practice. I've found one of the most powerful ways to ramp up my income dramatically is to offer group coaching programs.

Instead of trading time for dollar doing one–to–one, with a group coaching program, you're doing one–to–many, and the sky is now the limit to your income. I'm delighted to see someone finally teaching coaches the nuts and bolts of leading group coaching programs and can think of no one better qualified than CoachEva and LifeCoachMary to do so!”

Mari Smith, Relationship Marketing Specialist, Facebook Coach www.marismith.com


What would it be worth to you to learn how to run your
own coaching groups and add an extra $40K or $50K to
your income while working only two or three days a week?

You know what's interesting about this question? If you present it to a 7–figure income earner, they will say “it's worth $40k to $50K – because after the first year, all I make is pure profit!” They say it because they understand the value of leverage and smart investing.

Relax, the tuition for our program isn't anywhere near $40K – so you won't have to mortgage your house to get involved! But, because the upside potential for how much you can make with our system is so huge, you're smart to assume we aren't giving this information away for free either!

You have two ways to pay for your training

What I'm about to share with you is very important – pay close attention. You see, you could go out on your own and begin your own group coaching program without our training. I won't lie to you – it's entirely possible. And you might even hit it out of the park the first time around.

But more likely, it would take you a while to figure things out. You'd probably learn the hard way, and make the same costly mistakes we made before eventually finding out how to do group coaching the right way. 

My point is, either way, you'll pay for your education. If you do it on your own, you'll pay with lost time, lost opportunity, and lost income.

Or you can invest a little bit in our training and save yourself a whole lot of wasted time, effort, and – even worse – embarrassing mistakes!

“Beyond the money... It was really going from who I was, to who I really
want to be.”

Cheryl Van Note

Karen McMillan, KDMcMillan.com


“Even if I took out all of the training,
it would be worth it just for
the support I received”

Dawn Allen

Dawn Allen, InspiredHeartCoaching.com


“My list has grown by at least 1,000 people every month!”

Anne Merkel

Dr. Anne Merkel, ArielaGroup.com

Taking advantage of our system is more affordable!

To decide on the price, we spoke to our business mentors and mastermind partners. When we told them what we were offering – a step–by–step training in our proven group coaching methodology, with a small audience limited to just 45 participants, and with over 18 hours of hands–on coaching by Eva and myself, they told us this should be a $10,000 licensing program.

We considered their advice, but what we want is share our ideas with coaches who are passionate about helping more people, but haven't yet achieved a high level of financial success. After all – we called our program BEYOND SIX FIGURES! 

So to keep this investment in your business as affordable as possible, we set the tuition for our Beyond Six Figures for Coaches™ program at $5,995. You'll see it's worth every penny.

Between now and February 28, 2010, you can save $2000.

There is an optional payment plan for qualified applicants. We can tell you more about it during our strategic planning session once you apply for the program.

Upon successful completion of our Beyond Six Figures program
you will also earn the designation of

Certified Group Coaching Leader™

Beyond Six Figures Beyond Six Figures Beyond Six Figures

To give you even more credibility in today's crowded market place, you can also earn a Certified Group Coaching Leader™ designation. You can proudly display this distinction on your website upon successful completion of our curriculum, certification requirements and demonstration of your group coaching leadership skills. And, you'll be making money while you earn this credential.

The certification program Eva and I prepared is as comprehensive and as complete as it gets! We have carefully considered every element you'll need to succeed with running your own group coaching program and included it in our training.

We will leave no stone unturned! Down to the answers to your last question! It's ALL included in our core certification program. 

You will also get thousands of dollars worth of additional
training from other famous six and seven–figure coaches

We want to completely overwhelm you with value. That's why we have hand selected six EIGHT amazing experts to provide you with additional coaching throughout our program. And their expertise will complement our agenda, giving you an advantage we didn't have when we started out.

If you tried to hire these coaches on your own, you probably couldn't, unless you're a member of their inner circle programs – which would easily cost you a minimum of $10,000, $15,000, and even $25,000 and more per year!

Even if you could hire them, it would be at a rate of $1000 per hour or more. So just the sessions with them are easily worth $6000 – which is more than our entire tuition!

Through our program, you'll have access to their wisdom, expertise and distinctions on subjects like branding, writing sales copy, attracting customers, marketing online, blogging, and using social media – all for FREE

We're so excited about these special guests. We still can hardly believe they all said “yes” to us – because learning from them is such an amazing experience!

Here's who we've lined up for you:

  • Joe Vitale – “Mr. Fire” World–Renowned Internet Marketing Expert
  • Adam Urbanski – Creator of Attract Clients Like Crazy program and the America's Top Marketing Mentor
  • Suzanne Falter–Barnes – Brand Expert for Building Name Recognition
  • The Blog Squad – Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman, the Superstars of Effective Blogging
  • Mari Smith – The Pied Piper of Facebook
  • Michael Port – Bestselling Author of Book Yourself Solid and Beyond Booked Solid

  • Deborah Micek - Co-author of The Twitter Handbook.

  • Andy O'Bryan - The Coaches' Copywriter.


“Now I actually feel like I am a
capable marketer.”

Marlene Lockwood

Marlene Lockwood, MarleneLockwood.com


“The skills I have learned are expanding my practice like crazy!”

Laura Neff

Laura Neff, MoreInYou.com


Taking the next step is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

We are accepting only a limited number of participants and applications are considered on a first–come first–served basis. So submitting your application as early as possible is very important. And it's easy to complete the next step.

Here is how to get started:  

  • Complete the form below and download the Beyond Six Figures for Coaches™ Questionnaire and Application (and ACCESS the recording to a special preview call hosted by Eva and Mary). Do this right now.
Enter Contact Information Here
First Name *
Email *

  • Complete your questionnaire thoroughly. We want to know exactly where you are in your business, so we can ensure our program is right for you. Then fax your completed questionnaire to 949–417–1223 or email it to sixfigures@lifecoachmary.com
  • One of our assistants will contact you to schedule a personal strategy session with either Eva or me.

During this session, you will have an opportunity to ask additional questions. Then we'll together determine if we are the right match. If so, we'll make arrangements for you to submit your tuition and complete your registration. Our program will begin on Thursday, July 1, 2010.

What will be YOUR personal story
six or 12 months from now?

If you aren't sure you should apply to join our program, here are some things you must seriously consider.

If you want change in your business, in your life, and in your income – I hope you have a specific action plan to achieve it. If you're NOT crystal clear about the exact steps to take you Beyond Six Figures, and if you just keep doing what you've always done I can tell you exactly where you will be 90 days, six months, and 12 months from now...

You will be in the same place – financially and otherwise – where you are now. Maybe even worse, because if you're standing still you're really slipping backwards.  Don't let this happen to you!

Final 3 undeniable facts to consider
before  you submit your application. . .

Fact #1:  If you continue doing what you're doing now, you'll have the same results as you have now.

You know the popular quote, “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.”

If you don't love the state of your current coaching practice, this isn't a pleasant reminder.  But, it's true.

Fact #2:  There are only 24 hours in a day. 

We all get to choose how to spend our allotted 24 hours each day. Unfortunately, even if you're willing to work with more and more one–on–one clients, your income ultimately caps out – along with your energy. 

But with group programs you can separate your income from trading hours for dollars and leverage your coaching skills in a new way! Just think – how can you best maximize your 24 hours?

Fact #3:  The economy is putting pressure on everyone financially.

While there are still people thriving, the diving economy is a factor for most. Many people who want to work with you aren't currently able to afford your one–on–one coaching fees. Why not give them an opportunity to get your coaching in a group format and make it more affordable for them and fun, rewarding, and profitable for you?

“Group coaching is such a great way to make coaching affordable for more people”

Carpenter“As someone who continues to benefit greatly from participation in one of Mary Allen's group coaching programs, I am thrilled to see her collaborating with one of my other favorite coaches, Eva Gregory, to share their collective wisdom on running a successful group coaching program. Especially in these challenging times, the world needs more quality coaching and group coaching is such a great way to make coaching affordable for more people. “

Dave Carpenter, Exceptional Wisdom Radio www.exceptionalwisdomradio.com


“If you have the opportunity to take
Beyond Six Figures for Coaches™
course... take it!”

Hughey“As a Past President of the Orange County Chapter of the International Coach Federation and as an active Wealth Acceleration Coach for over 10 years, I have the advantage of perspective.   If you think coaching individuals is satisfying, just wait until you have the chance to create dynamic results for a lot of people simultaneously.  

Mary Allen and Eva Gregory have been coaching groups for years and they are 100% professional, dynamic, brilliant and compassionate about helping others succeed.  If you have the opportunity to take their Beyond Six Figures for Coaches™ course...take it, do not think about it, do not wonder if you should...be a decision maker and take ACTION – immediately – sign up!”

Jimm Hughey, M.S., The Wealth Coach, www.DelegateYourWayToWealth.com

Plus, THREE bonuses to kickstart your business...

"Six Figure Rocket Launcher: 12 Essential Elements to Catapult Your Coaching Business"
VALUE = $495

We want to give you every "edge" possible to succeed.

That's why Eva and I decided to give YOU access to ALL the guest experts from our first and second certification programs - UP FRONT - as a BONUS for taking action now. The coaches from our first program continue to rave about the insights and wisdom they received from each and every expert call. We know this will give you a running start.

Besides, we want you to start experiencing for yourself -- our tendency to "underpromise and overdeliver."

So, not only will you receive immediate access to TEN hand-selected experts we invited to speak to our coaches from the first program, plus you'll get to tap the wisdom of ELEVEN experts from our second program. Each expert brings a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a six figure coaching business.

You'll hear from:

  • Joe Vitale – “Mr. Fire” World–Renowned Internet Marketing Expert: "Hypnotic Writing"
  • Adam Urbanski – Creator of Attract Clients Like Crazy program and the America's Top Marketing Mentor: "Your Marketing Mindset"
  • Suzanne Falter–Barnes – Brand Expert for Building Name Recognition "Defining Your Target Market & Differentiating Your Personal Brand "
  • The Blog Squad – Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman, the Superstars of Effective Blogging "The 4 Essential Keys to Business Blogging"
  • Mari Smith – The Pied Piper of Facebook: "Facebook Basics and More"
  • Andy O'Bryan - The Coaches' Copywriter: "Writing Effective Copy"

  • Michael Port – Bestselling Author of Book Yourself Solid and Beyond Booked Solid:
    "7 Steps to Getting Booked Solid"

  • Scott Stratten - Speaker and Jedi of Viral Marketing: "How to Attract 10,000+ Followers on Twitter in 30 Days by Being Authentically YOU"

  • Kathleen Gage - Street Smarts Marketing: "Making Money with Teleseminars"
  • Rob Schultz - Article Marketing Expert: "Powerful Article Marketing Strategies"

  • And Nancy Marmolejo, Linda P. Taylor, Bob-The-Teacher, Suzanne Evans and Deborah Micek...

Eva and I are turning these ten expert calls into a separate "stand-a-lone" CD program and this Beyond Six Figures Expert Series: 12 Essential Elements to Catapult Your Coaching Business will sell for $495. But, when you apply to our program AND get accepted, you immediately receive access to these 10 information rich calls before anyone else has access to them. If you're like us, you'll want to listen to these again and again.

BONUS #2: Mentoring begins upon acceptance.
Value = Priceless

We announced our first program nearly six weeks before it officially began. Applications rolled in immediately, and qualified coaches enthusiastically enrolled! They were hungry to get started. We were equally eager to help them. We immediately set up on online forum, and began pre-mentoring our "superstar coaches" weeks before the program officially began.

We decided to extend this support AGAIN to coaches who are ready to take action!

Between now and the program start date, you'll receive resources "in advance" to help you grow your contact list and lay the foundational elements for your success. One of the most instrumental tools is special questionnaire Eva designed to help you "refining your group coaching offer." And, you'll not only have access to Eva and I, but also other coaches, like you, who are ready to transform their coaching business. The synergistic learning environment accelerates the learning for everyone.

But, don't just take our word for it. Here's what coaches shared about the pre-mentoring period. These testimonies came BEFORE we had even done our first official call:

"Value I've already received is priceless."

Karen McMillan"This group SO ROCKS! Hard to believe our official start is not until October. Value I've already received is priceless."

Karen McMillan


“Like having my own mastermind for taking my business to a whole new level”

Nicola Ries Taggart"Within the first 20 minute conversation with Eva she helped me define my offer and nail my tag line -- something I've been struggling with for months. Since then, the input and support from the group as a whole has been priceless. The ideas, suggestions and feedback is like having my own mastermind for taking my business to a whole new level, and officially the program hasn't even started yet?"

Nicola Ries Taggart


“Like being launched on a ROCKET toward my next level of success.”

Laura Neff
"My experience in the Beyond Six Figures group thus far has felt like being launched on a ROCKET toward my next level of success. Mary, Eva and all the members have been more than generous in sharing technology/social networking resources as well as countless other ideas to put into motion. And we haven't even 'started' yet!

Laura Neff


“The program hasn't even begun and I'm doing things I've talked about forever”

Anne Nayer"This is Law of Attraction at it's best. I can't believe my good fortune to be in the company of all these incredible, successful, amazing coaches and with Eva and Mary, our fearless leaders. The program hasn't even begun and I'm doing things I've talked about forever. The energy is exponential, explosive, supportive, practical and contagious. I am a six figure coach already!"

Anne Nayer


“We're only in the pre-course stages and already I feel completely supported”

Cheryl Van Note"I love the caring, support and energy of this group! We're only in the pre-course stages and already I feel completely supported, motivated and inspired into action. Anyone who is serious about pushing your business to the next level (or terrified to do so) the Beyond Six Figures for Coaches experience IS definitely for you!!!"

Cheryl Van Note


“I have moved farther, faster
than I could have imagined!”

Barbara Shanahan"I was searching for a program that would move my coaching practice forward faster than I was managing to do it on my own. Beyond Six Figures program hasn't even started and yet in the past few weeks interacting with Mary and Eva and the other participants I have moved farther, faster than I could have imagined! I have more ideas than I know what to do with! With this kind of support I can easily see us ALL creating AMAZING programs and BLASTING Beyond Six Figures."

Barbara Shanahan


What could YOU accomplish
with a masterful support team?

As soon as you're accepted into this unique certification program, the sooner your mentoring begins. That's up to six additional weeks of mentoring from Eva and I, and "early access" to the most essential resources. This pre-mentoring period is our gift to coaches who are ready to take immediate action. The sooner you take action, the more free bonus mentoring you receive.

You will get access to all the additional resources shared in the pre-mentoring period, as soon as you sign up.

BONUS #3: Free Admission to Upcoming
Beyond Six Figure Retreat - June 25-27, 2010

After bonding online through this dynamic certification program, several coaches asked if Eva and I would plan a retreat so everyone could meet in person. We thought it was a GREAT idea and jumped on it!

Last November we lead a special TWO-day weekend retreat. It exceeded our expectations! Coaches raved about how valuable is was to create their six-figure blueprint. This year, we've added another day so we could incorporate even more!

This is your chance to meet Eva and I in person, and meet our most successful Beyond Six Figures graduates. We'll do "hot seat coaching," sharing best practices and "get in the trenches" with your most burning questions. Rich learnig AND an opportunity to have a little fun at a fabulous southern California resort. We'll be charging $997 for other coaches to attend.

But, when you enroll in the Beyond Six Figures for CoachesTM Certification program, YOU get free admission to this valuable THREE-day retreat! One more resource to ensure your success.

Are YOU ready to take your coaching business
beyond six figures? Let's start now!

This is it. Even though we might have never met before, if you've read our letter this far, I know one thing about you for sure. You are someone who is looking and ready for a change in life and business. And group coaching programs might be just the solution you've been searching for.

We're ready to take you on as our apprentice and support you over the next six months. This is your invitation to apply. The ball is now in your court. Please let us know as soon as possible if you'd like to be considered for this unique certification program. Complete the below form  to download your Beyond Six Figures for Coaches™ Questionnaire before all the spots are filled!

Here's to YOU going beyond six figures (finally and consistently!),

Mary E. Allen, CPCC, MCC  
and Eva Gregory, CPCC

P.S.: Remember, all 7–figure coaches we know use the strategies we outlined here.  And, with our guarantee, you're risking nothing to have us show you, step–by–step, how to multiply your profits while working with fewer individual clients!

P.P.S.: If you just scrolled to the bottom without reading this letter, this might not be for you.  Read the details above to see if you qualify, and then complete the form below  to download your admission application before all the spots are taken.

P.P.P.S.: Yes, this program is one of the ways Eva and I make a small fortune in our businesses.  But, instead of being green with envy, why don't you join us and let us show you how to make tens of thousands of dollars with ease when you use our proven model and system in your own coaching business, and become a Certified Group Coaching Leader™.  This way we all WIN!  Complete the form below and get your application now. $1492+ worth of additional bonuses await you.

Complete the form below and download the Beyond Six Figures for Coaches™ Questionnaire and Application (and ACCESS the recording to a special preview call hosted by Eva and Mary). Do this right now.

Enter Contact Information Here
First Name *
Email *


Beyond Six Figures Beyond Six Figures Beyond Six Figures


“If you're ready to play big in the world... this program is for you!”

Joselito Laudencia

Joselito Laudencia, AbundantGood.com


“To miss the course is to miss
the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Stack“Working with two brilliant and successful coaches like Mary Allen and Eva Gregory is your ticket to success and serious empowerment.  Both have stellar reputations and are known for inspiring and taking their clients exactly where they want to go.  To miss the course is to miss the opportunity of a lifetime to work with two coaches that individually are awesome and collaboratively are a dynamic duo that is pure coaching dynamite!”

Robert Stack, MCLC, APR, Fellow PRSA, Fame Coach
2008–2009 Chair, National Speakers Association, Business Coaching PEG
(Professional Experts Group)

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